His late Great-Grandfather Nature King (Raja Alam)

Sesiapa yang inginkan Remaja dari baka "Raja Alam", kini ada seekor Anak C <-> Remaja pure darah Raja Alam (Full-set Kubing) untuk dijual. Ayam ini anak pada "Super SIC 02" yang dibeli oleh Wan SST. Ayam SPEC Slim cutting tinggi, Balung lidi halus dan pernah dapat saguhati di Bon Bangi. Berminat sila hubungi kami terus. Ayam kini berada di Reban Wan SST, Salak Tinggi.

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"Does Anyone Still Remember me or my name? I'm not qualified for Breeding? Well, here are the answers to these questions" WoM by Puteri RImba 01.
 She is the sister of our handsome male "Putera Rimba 01" and born to our breeding pair of yellow serama. Despite her beautiful body posture and color, she was sold to the serama enthusiast from Kemaman, Terenganu a few months ago. Eventually she was returned back to us due to the new owner experienced some issue on the "egg laying process" for her and his request was accepted by Group Serama Negeri (GSN). Then, we gave him a one month old pullet as a replacement for Puteri Rimba 01 at no additional cost to him and he is very happy about it. However, we strongly believe that she is "QUALIFIED" for breeding and finally it has been proved. She was refreshed and isolated by Zan in Kedah resulting huge improvements in her breeding process. We hope that we can see his offspring in a month's time. Last but not least, Nothing is Impossible!!!

Adakah sesiapa masih ingat saya lagi?? ini lah betina yang comel kita "Puteri Rimba 01" yang debeli oleh peminat serama dari Kemaman, Terenganu. Walaupun GSN minat pada dia, tapi dah jual pada peminat serama datang dari jauh. selepas beberapa bulan, kami jumpa balik owner yang beli betina ini di tempat pertandingan serama dan kami faham betina ini tak bertelur mix dengan jantan mana2 pun. kami GSN faham perasaan dia; ambil balik betina ini dan ganti induk lain yang adik pada No.3 Anak B jantan di Bon Bangi. Walaubagaimanapun, Zan percaya induk ini boleh bertelur dan mengeram. Puteri Rimba dibawa oleh Zan ke Kedah dan bagi vitamin yang secukup dan jemur setiap hari. Keputusannya, dia dah bertelur dan bapanya "Pembaka 1K" Sri Enam (Sri6). Kami berharap GSN boleh dapat anak2 dia pada bulan disember 2015.

Many Serama owners love seeing their serama hen's first egg from their own hand-raised chicks and the feeling is even more wonderful than they had ever imagined it to be. A pullet's first egg is not always picture-perfect. It will ordinarily be quite small, but subsequence eggs will soon reach "ideal" size for Serama. The serama pullets on the top, with the reddish, smaller comb and wattles laid these tiny eggs a few days ago. As per our usual routine, I have unlocked the chicken coop and it's really strange today morning. They are trying to tell you something that "Please Do Not remove or disturb our nest boxes or eggs in the nest box" and their expression was priceless indeed. Sometimes, all these little things in life that make you happy. Have a great weekend to all my serama friends!

"Miss Moscow" is our own-breed pullet that was born to our breeding pair (King Rimba @ GSN1000 v/s Blue tail female). She is well equipped with decent accessories such as Heart-formed chest, short back and almost U-shaped, wings that touches the ground, long neck, recommended height and of course a high quality Comb. Hence we are planning to reserve him for upcoming Serama Shows and Let's hope for something better in 2016!

Miss Moscow ini adalah anak reban GSN, Dia asal dari darah "Sri Enam (Sri6)" dan bapanya ialah "Raja Rimba". Umurnya dah lebih 5 bulan dan sesuai untuk Game dan projek breeding GSN. Majoriti Induk kuning di reban GSN adalah Ekor Kelabu, Pencapaian ini membanggakan team GSN sebab kami bermula fokus pada produk ekor kelabu pada tahun 2013 dan kami dapat keputusan yang baik pada tahun ini (2015). Kemungkinan besar GSN akan reserve dia untuk Bon yang akan datang. Majulah Hobi Serama di Malaysia!

All the while, Putera Rimba 02 was raised at Serama Negeri's mini home in Nilai and now we might be sending him back to his homeland Alor Setar for some minor surgery to tighten the tail. We hope he stays for many years to come

Putera Rimba 02 sekian lama membesar di Nilai, Minggu depan mungkin Putera Rimba 02 akan pulang ke kampung halaman nya di Alor Setar, Kedah. Kali ini Putera Rimba 02 di asuh oleh Zan sendiri di utara Tanah Air. Kami harap2 Putera Rimba 02 akan berjasa pada kami di Serama Negeri (G.S.N) selama lamanya.

Putera Nilai 05 - Father of Putera Nilai 03

He is our former champion boy "Putera Nilai 03" that was born to our breeding pair (Putera Alam 05 v/s Miss Kubing 2014). He is matured and old enough to start breed. Hence we will be pairing him with our beautiful pullets that already start laying eggs and ready to be mated. We will keep them at our GSN mini farm in Nilai. The main objective of this "Raja Alam" breeding project is to ensure that we continue to improve the quality of our "Kubing Bloodline" serama birds. Let's hope for something bigger in 2016!

Ini adalah anak reban GSN, Putera Nilai 03 yang penah menang di beberapa pertandingan serama di semenanjung Malaysia. Dia asal dari darah "Kubing" kami dan bapanya ialah "Putera Alam 05". Umurnya dah lebih setahun dan sesuai untuk projek breeding GSN. dia akan cross kan dengan induk reban sendiri (Induk Kubing & Induk kelarah) yang di breedkan oleh Zan. Walaupun kita dah ada beberapa pembaka Kuning ekor kelabu dan Kuning cream, tetapi kami masih akan menyambungkan projek breeding "Kubing" asli GSN untuk meningkatkan quality baka Raja Alam kami.

You can separate your serama chicks from their mother at any time, however they prefer to stay with her until they're properly grown up. If you do want to separate them, your best bet is to wait until the chicks have a decent covering of feathers at about 4 - 6 weeks of age - then they don't need any extra heat from their mother. If you really want to separate them from the mother, you may need to provide some heat until they are 5 or 6 weeks' old to keep them healthy and protecting them from mosquito bites as well. Perhaps you can use a heat lamp in your indoor chicken coop. However, GSN still follow this traditional method (#6weekswithmother) because it has been so successful.
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