Serama, known at the smallest and lightest of the world's chickens, is divided into grades, according to their size:

Grade A Serama weighs less than 350 grams should be no more than 7.5 inches in height for the full grown male and 5.5 inches for the female.

Eggs should weigh between 12-16 grams.

Competitions are very famous in the Malaysia. However competition rules and regulations are still being perfected at this moment. In general, judges for Seramas are looking for birds which possess the following characteristics:

1. Conformity in terms of body weight, body posture, wing & feather layout
2. Good health - bird must be lively with character.
3. Beauty- luster on the feather, color, body shape etc.

Competitions are normally divided into 6 classifications:


A - up to 13 oz (350 gm)
B - up to 16 oz (500 gm)
C - up to 19 oz (600 gm)

A - up to 11 oz (325 gm)
B - up to 14 oz (425 gm)
C - up to 17 ounces (525 gm)


Cockerels – One Class Only
Up to 16 oz (500 gm)

Pullets – One Class Only
Up to 14 ounces (425 gm)
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