I will never forget the time I visited brother Omar’s serama farm in Penaga, Penang. I was freeze for few seconds when I saw his serama stocks. He has various bloodlines of serama in his farm. They are “Mat Awang”, “Besi Buruk”, “Tok Uban”, “Husin 2000” and etc. He also expertise in cross bred & cross back. According to him that he was started to breed serama since the year 2000 when the serama are admire by everyone’s in Malaysia. I was so excited when I saw the way he caring & LOVE his serama. Then he brought me to the small village restaurant which is located in Penaga Town. We having our drinks there while chit chat about serama & their history. I learnt some new things from him and gain my knowledge level about serama. I didn’t realize that I spent 3 hours there. I had a wonderful time with him & hope to visit again his farm soon.
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