This is our young pullet from “Submarine” bloodline. We named her as a “Little Angel” since she is very beautiful among other female serama in our pen. She has a striking pattern on her body and wonderful body shape which is attracted by many serama fans. She will be moving into “teenage” category soon and will be ready for breeding in another 2 months. We would like to mix this female with our Stranger (Rinting Emas). A long queue is waiting to get her offspring. I believe she can be produced some good quality and extraordinary babies in near future.

Dear all my beloved serama friends & breeders,

Those whoever are interested to watch F1 race in Sepang International Circuit, this is a right time for you to grab the tickets. F1 Early Bird promotional discount (50% of ticket prices) is on sale until 31st January 2011. The race to be held from 8th April to 10th April. Please spread this news to your motorsport-fan family members & friends.

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This is my first serama which I bought in the first quarter of last year (2010). We just kept him as a home pet and not for our breeding project. He got aggressive towards humans from time to time, but his behaviours is fine now. The interesting fact about this chick is, whenever I enter my home he will start to crowing with his impressive voice even though it's time 12 midnight. I really love him very much!
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