Everybody are busying with preparing their serama.

Konvoi yang baru sampai di game Kuantan yang sibuk sibuk mempersiapkan serama masing masing.

He is in the mid of valuating one of the "young" category serama.

Juri yang sibuk mengadili serama.

He won no 3 in ABS category

The best part is, Zan Seremban's serama won No3 in "young" category.

Suasana di khemah penganjur dan tidak dilupakan Zan Seremban memperolehi No3 dalam kategori remaja.

Si-Jebat still showing damn action and aggressive looks on the table even though his tails and wing feathers shedding while producing new ones. We hope he will be ready for the battle soon.

Jebat yang meluruh tapi bila di meja masih mantop geng.

Here is a recent picture of Lang Negeri. I believe that introduction is not necessary for this beauty queen and her origin bloodline since I have described more about this female in my earlier posts.

We have crossed Jebat and Lang Negeri to verify how their offspring look alike. Their babies will be hatching in another 2 weeks time. I will be updating their pictures soon.

Sinar petang. Jebat telah disatukan dengan Lang Negeri, nantikan anak yang akan menjelang nanti.

wow our group members keep increasing day by day eventhough our premises are too small. huhuhu.

Wahhh makin ramainya kaum aku walaupun pot ini agak kecil. huhhu.

This our new model Jack which is descented from "Pinang Masak" bloodline.

jack, model yang mula nak keluar perangai yang pelek pelek.

Jack kita kalini berdarah pinang masak tapi si cilek ni tak betul betul masak lagi, kita natikannya bersama-sama.
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