Serama Health: 5 foods you Should Feed your Serama Chicken (That You Probably Aren't)

All of the things you considerately do for your Serama, your first consideration must be for its food and nutrition. Without well balanced nutrition, a Serama’s general health will slowly decline, vitamin insufficiencies will leave it at risk to illness and disease and its life span will be shortened. An unhealthy Serama is temperamental and might not be qualified for the serama show. A sickly serama simply cannot enjoy a good life. Hence these are the 5 nutritious foods are perfect for Serama birds.

Meal worm (ulat ikan)

Fish Oil Supplements (ubat minyak ikan)

Paddy Rice (padi/beras hancur)

Earthworms (cacing tanah)

Weaver Ant Eggs (telur kerengga)