He was born for Raja Alam v/s Lang Bloodline female. He has not been isolated yet, but already start to boost & action. His leg green color as his mother while crest/comb exactly like her dad (straight, tiny with good number of points).

Ini adala anak kepada Raja Alam v/s Induk Lang. Dia belum diasingkan tapi sudah start galak. Kaki berwarna hijau sebagai emak manakala balung sebiji macam Raja Alam (kecil, halus dan balung penuh)

He is one of our full-time breeder in Serama Negeri mini farm. Right now we are focusing on mottled colors instead of partridge (Ara). Our main objective is to create a perfect mottled serama with an attractive body posture, upper chest, long neck, and etc. Therefore we crossed him with a few of our selected females which is descended from various bloodline. Let's see our luck. 

Rinting ni pembaka sepenuh masa di reban SN, walaupun pembaka tapi gaya tetap maintain yang sama. sekarang kita lebih tumpu kepada warna rinting. SN test breed dia dengan induk2 yang terpilih dari pelbagai baka. Harap-harap boleh dapat anak rinting yang selam & hebat.

Here is the updated pictures of Stranger's offspring. They are born for Rinting Maz 916 + Tok Uban female. They have not been bold yet and hopefully their behaviour will be coming out when they are reached to teenage category . They are born in variety of colours. The second batch of mottled babies will be hatching very soon.

Berikut adalah gambar terkini anak-anak Rinting. Mereka dilahirkan untuk Rinting Maz 916 + Induk Tok Uban. Harap-harap perangai akan datang bila mencapai alam remaja. Kumpulan kedua anak-anak rinting akan menetas tidak lama lagi.
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