Elder brother of Kubing Maz 2018 (The Nature King 2016)

This is the updated picture of the "Kubing cockerel version 2018" and he derived from our "Nature King" bloodline. He was born to our breeding pair "Golden Rooster v/s Kubing pullet" and bred by Rames in Serama Negeri mini farm in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. He was the first Full-set yellow color serama in GSN mini farm and he will be transferred to the GSN's serama training station soon.

Ini gambar anak Kubing @ Kubing Maz 2018 yang berasal dari reban Serama Negeri Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Ini salah seekor ayam yang di-breed oleh Rames di reban Serama Negeri Nilai. Anak serama ni special sikit sebab warna "Kubing Emas" full-set kuning color aksesori. Ini anak pada Pembaka Kubing Maz 2015 yang bersal dari reban GSN Alor Setar.

  • Generally the long-tailed serama pullets are more beautiful and attractive than short tail birds

  • About 95% of long -tailed serama hens are naturally incubating their eggs

  • It keeps their chicks warm during winter season

  • The chances of producing a show quality serama are "very high"

  • Nothing beats watching the long-tailed mother serama take her babies out to exploration and walking like a supermodel.

Note: This post was made solely on the facts and our own personal experience in serama breeding


This is our all time favourite serama @ Grey King version 2015. We bought him from a well-known breeder in north Malaysia. He derived from a pure "Sri6 bloodline” that was bred by brother Kie (kedah). Essentially, most of the "Sri6 bloodline" seramas are in yellow color but our Grey King is mixture of blue and red (Hibiscus color) which rarely seen and easily attracted by serama enthusiasts. We hope that we can produce something similar to this in GSN mini farm Nilai.

Raja Kelabu lagi dari reban GSN. Ayam GSN miliki dari otai utara. Raja Kelabu Utara ini berdarah Sri6 Pure yang diadunkan sendri oleh abang Kie. Baka Sri Enam yang mejoriti warnanya kuning tetapi Raja Kelabu menjadi warna kelabu merah. Harap2 kami boleh breed serama kelabu seperti macam Grey King.
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