This is the updated picture of the "White Dragon" and he derived from our "GSN Yellow Serama" bloodline. He was born to our breeding pair "Grey Tail Rooster v/s Golden Female 01" and bred by Zan in GSN, Alor Setar. However, as part of our agreement he was shifted to AM's serama farm in Salak Tinggi at the age of 1.5 months old and We hope he continue to LOVE this beautiful Rooster!!
Ini gambar terkini White Dragon @ Naga Putih yang berasal dari GSN, Alor Setar. Kini dia berada di Salak Tinggi dengan Encik AM dan ini salah satu ayam kesayangan dia. Kami GSN minta beli balik pun dia tak sampai hati nak jual, apa2 pun tahniah pada dia mempunyai ayam serama yang warna "Rare" Ekor Putih marble color. Dia adalah anak pada Pembaka 1K v/s Induk Maz dan di breed oleh Zan (GSN Group).

Sold & the current owner: Khairuddin @ AM (Serama Salak Tinggi)

This is our breeding quality Rooster based in GSN, Kedah and we named him "Rooster 1K". He derived from a pure "Sri6" bloodline and his special features are "Ball" shaped chest and aggressive behaviour towards other Roosters. Hence right now we are using him as a full-time breeder at our mini farm in Alor Star, Kedah. We hope we will be able to produce some promising show quality serama in 2016!!!

Ini gambar terkini Pembaka utama GSN dan Induk Ekor Kelabu, nama dia Pembaka 1K dan kini berada di GSN Alor Setar, Kedah. Anak tunggal ini special sikit di reban GSN sebab baka asal dan perangai dia. dia adalah bapa pada "white Dragon" serama ekor putih yang kini berada di Salak Tinggi dengan AM. Kami di Serama Negeri plan nak reserve dia sebagai pembaka sepenuh masa dan ganti Putera Alam 05 di reban Alor Setar. Kami berharap dia boleh jadi pembaka yang hebat seperti Raja Alam dan Putera Alam 05. Kita tunggu stock serama 2016!!

This is our special serama (Anak Tunggal) born on January 2015, It's a Boy!! Serama with light-colored fur (Yellowish Kubing). He is an only child born with special features in GSN mini farm. He derived from our own "Kubing" bloodline and fortunately he turn out "special color". Here's a little information about his lineage; He was born to our breeding pair (Putera Alam 05 v/s Breeding pullet Project 02 - sister of the Robot Female). He is the Fifth generation (Gen-5) in a Nature King bloodline. Hence right now we are using him as a full-time breeder at our mini farm in Alor Star, Kedah. His father was awarded the meritorious service in GSN and he made us all proud as well. We miss Putera Alam 05 very much!! 

 Ini gambar terkini Anak Tunggal Kubing (cicit Raja Alam). Dia adalah anak kepada Putera Alam 05 dan adik kepada Super SIC dan Putera Nilai series. Anak tunggal ini special sikit di reban GSN sebab warna dia. Walaupun Ibu Bapa dia full kubing tapi warna dia paling rare sebab Kubing cair blend dengan Kuning bersih. Kami di Serama Negeri plan nak reserve dia sebagai pembaka sepenuh masa dan ganti Putera Alam 05 di reban Alor Setar. Kami berharap dia boleh jadi pembaka yang hebat seperti bapa dia Putera Alam 05. Kita tunggu stock serama 2016!!

The most beautiful serama of 2010: Lang Negeri descended from "Lang Persona" bloodline

Our first mottled cockerel; in the midst of preparing for the Serama Show

Here are the happiest moments of 2010: Snow White pullet with her 1 week old babies

Zan's first hatched serama chick from "Tok Uban" bloodline

5.12.2010 - Morning view at the Serama Show in Durial Tunggal, Melaka

All the while, the Red Army was raised in Serama Negeri's mini home in Kedah and now he was transferred to our mini farm in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Besides that, the Red Army begins the first process of moulting which in result would not allow him to participate in any competition for few months. However, he is better known as being an aggressive and potential serama in GSN mini farm. we hope that he will be ready for the show in February 2016.

Red Army (Askar Merah) sekian lama membesar di kedah dan dia dihantar balik ke kedah beberapa minggu lepas. Dia dah start luruh dan dalam process menyalin bulu yang buat ia tidak sangat fom atas meja tapi dia akan siap sepenunya dalam 2 atau 3 bulan. Walaupun dia warna Kubing kasar tapi masih ada ramai peminat serama suka warna ini. Kami harap2 Red Army akan berjasa pada kami di Serama Negeri selama lamanya.

Dear Serama friends, wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with Peace, Joy, Health & Happiness. The above shows updated picture of our breeding pullet Miss Malaysia (Project Gold 05) at 7 months old - bred by Zan (Group Serama Negeri). Despite the busy holiday season, all her siblings are bought by serama enthusiast from East and North Malaysia and eventually we managed reserve this little angel for our R&D and breeding project.In general the main advantage of this lineage are Super Slim Body, Beautiful Face, Upright Posture, Soft-Fur, and neat comb. We hope she stays for many years to come

Salam kawan2 serama semua. Di sini kami nak menunjukkan induk Projek Maz 05 yang dihasil kan oleh GSN. Induk Ekor Kelabu ni adalah gabungan antara pembaka Sri6 dan Induk GSN. Dalam banyak2 adik beradik selam nya habis dalam simpanan kami. Ramai yang dari luar kawasan amik adikberadik nya. Kami cuma sempat menyimpan Induk ini untuk projek breeding 2016. Kami berharap Induk ini boleh kelurkan anak serama yang cutting cantik serta ekor kelabu.

The Snow White pullet is our first pure white color serama which was bought in June 2010 and the mottled cockerel was added a few months later. She was a special one for us and managed to produce some promising chicks for Serama Negeri, but unfortunately she died at the age of two in 2012 and it's really painful to say Good-Bye to this beautiful serama pullet. However, she will be remembered in large part as the first serama brooding in GSN mini farm. You are gone, but your memory will live on in our hearts and minds forever!

Induk snow white @ putih bersih ini dibeli oleh GSN pada tahun 2010 dan anak rinting tu join keluarga GSN pada bulan August 2010. Induk ini kesayangan GSN dan pernah keluar anak2 serama yang cantik beberapa tahun lepas. Tetapi umur dia tidak panjang dan meninggal 2 tahun lepas di reban GSN Nilai. Apa2 pun jasa dia untuk GSN amat dihargai dan tidak boleh dilupakan.

The bond between baby and mother is one of the strongest connections in nature

First Generation (The Red Army)

This little chick was produced covertly at our GSN mini farm in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. He derived from our own "Kubing v/s kelarah" bloodline and fortunately he turn out "kelarah @ weird color" as we expected. In addition to that, the Red Armys's coloring is our all time favourite color and almost an addiction. Here's a little information about his lineage; He was born to our breeding pair (Putera Nilai 03 v/s The Robot Female - sister of the Red Army) and bred by our GSN member "Dinend Sivali" in Nilai. He is the second generation (Gen-2) in a Red Army bloodline. 

"We are so happy and proud with what we have achieved in 2015. Without our teamwork and patience, we would not be able to deliver what we have done in 2015. we hope that he will be ready for the show in early 2016," GSN added.

Anak serama AA size ini adalah pembikinan di reban Serama Negeri Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Junior Red Army ini adalah asal dari darah Kubing kami(Raja Alam v/s induk kelarah 50%). Bapanya Putera Nilai 03 dan Ibu ialah Induk Robot GSN. Ia dilahirkan di reban Nilai Serama Negeri dan di breedkan oleh saudara (Dinend Sivali). Warna dan design anak serama ini adalah sebiji macam baka kelarah dan dominant oleh darah belah Ibu. Apa2 pun, kami team GSN berharap dia boleh masuk ke Bon pada tahun 2016. 

His late Great-Grandfather Nature King (Raja Alam)

Sesiapa yang inginkan Remaja dari baka "Raja Alam", kini ada seekor Anak C <-> Remaja pure darah Raja Alam (Full-set Kubing) untuk dijual. Ayam ini anak pada "Super SIC 02" yang dibeli oleh Wan SST. Ayam SPEC Slim cutting tinggi, Balung lidi halus dan pernah dapat saguhati di Bon Bangi. Berminat sila hubungi kami terus. Ayam kini berada di Reban Wan SST, Salak Tinggi.

Contact Person: Dinend 
Mobile: +6017 - 233 4349

"Does Anyone Still Remember me or my name? I'm not qualified for Breeding? Well, here are the answers to these questions" WoM by Puteri RImba 01.
 She is the sister of our handsome male "Putera Rimba 01" and born to our breeding pair of yellow serama. Despite her beautiful body posture and color, she was sold to the serama enthusiast from Kemaman, Terenganu a few months ago. Eventually she was returned back to us due to the new owner experienced some issue on the "egg laying process" for her and his request was accepted by Group Serama Negeri (GSN). Then, we gave him a one month old pullet as a replacement for Puteri Rimba 01 at no additional cost to him and he is very happy about it. However, we strongly believe that she is "QUALIFIED" for breeding and finally it has been proved. She was refreshed and isolated by Zan in Kedah resulting huge improvements in her breeding process. We hope that we can see his offspring in a month's time. Last but not least, Nothing is Impossible!!!

Adakah sesiapa masih ingat saya lagi?? ini lah betina yang comel kita "Puteri Rimba 01" yang debeli oleh peminat serama dari Kemaman, Terenganu. Walaupun GSN minat pada dia, tapi dah jual pada peminat serama datang dari jauh. selepas beberapa bulan, kami jumpa balik owner yang beli betina ini di tempat pertandingan serama dan kami faham betina ini tak bertelur mix dengan jantan mana2 pun. kami GSN faham perasaan dia; ambil balik betina ini dan ganti induk lain yang adik pada No.3 Anak B jantan di Bon Bangi. Walaubagaimanapun, Zan percaya induk ini boleh bertelur dan mengeram. Puteri Rimba dibawa oleh Zan ke Kedah dan bagi vitamin yang secukup dan jemur setiap hari. Keputusannya, dia dah bertelur dan bapanya "Pembaka 1K" Sri Enam (Sri6). Kami berharap GSN boleh dapat anak2 dia pada bulan disember 2015.
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