This is the updated picture of the "Kubing cockerel version 2018" and he derived from our "Nature King" bloodline. He was born to our breeding pair "Golden Rooster v/s Kubing pullet" and bred by Rames in Serama Negeri mini farm in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. He was the first Full-set yellow color serama in GSN mini farm and he will be transferred to our in-house chicken coop soon.

Ini gambar anak Kubing @ Kubing Maz 2018 yang berasal dari reban Serama Negeri Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Ini salah seekor ayam yang di-breed oleh Rames di reban Serama Negeri Nilai. Anak serama ni special sikit sebab warna "Kubing" full-set kuning color aksesori. Ini anak pada Pembaka Kubing Maz 2015 yang bersal dari reban GSN Alor Setar.
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