The Latest Photo of the Special Serama Rooster Has Finally Been Revealed!

This is our special serama (Anak Tunggal) born on January 2015, It's a Boy!! Serama with light-colored fur (Yellowish Kubing). He is an only child born with special features in GSN mini farm. He derived from our own "Kubing" bloodline and fortunately he turn out "special color". Here's a little information about his lineage; He was born to our breeding pair (Putera Alam 05 v/s Breeding pullet Project 02 - sister of the Robot Female). He is the Fifth generation (Gen-5) in a Nature King bloodline. Hence right now we are using him as a full-time breeder at our mini farm in Alor Star, Kedah. His father was awarded the meritorious service in GSN and he made us all proud as well. We miss Putera Alam 05 very much!! 

 Ini gambar terkini Anak Tunggal Kubing (cicit Raja Alam). Dia adalah anak kepada Putera Alam 05 dan adik kepada Super SIC dan Putera Nilai series. Anak tunggal ini special sikit di reban GSN sebab warna dia. Walaupun Ibu Bapa dia full kubing tapi warna dia paling rare sebab Kubing cair blend dengan Kuning bersih. Kami di Serama Negeri plan nak reserve dia sebagai pembaka sepenuh masa dan ganti Putera Alam 05 di reban Alor Setar. Kami berharap dia boleh jadi pembaka yang hebat seperti bapa dia Putera Alam 05. Kita tunggu stock serama 2016!!