Belgium Serama Association visited Serama Negeri

Five die-hard serama lovers from Belgium had visited our SN mini farm on 16th June 2011 at 2pm. They were so excited when they see our serama's authentic action in live and they don’t believe their own eyes.

They were took bulk of photos and video shooting. They were hugged some of our pullets and let them standing on their hands. Most of their attractable serama in SN are Peluru Maz(Golden Bullet), Rinting Maz 916 (Stranger) follow by Raja Alam, Jambu and Lang Negeri.

“Most special of all is the Malaysian Serama which is just fabulous. That's the kind of Serama I like the most but peoples in Belgium they still don’t believe and they were thought it’s fake and made by Photoshop” said John. “We started a Belgian Serama club just recently which has goals to breed serama like they do in Malaysia. By that we hope to meet people who can help to achieve that goal” added Liesbeth and Ellen.

Zan has taught them some training skills and shared his knowledge about serama breeding and their bloodlines. They had took some eggs of Raja Alam crossed pure Tok Uban female. Hopefully it will be hatched in belgium. Then, we had brought them for lunch in AL-Salam Bistro cafe and Haji Sharif Cendol shop which was very famous in Seremban old town.

We hope everyone is satisfied with our service. SN would like to wish them good luck for their serama breeding. We are really hope that they can be produce some high grade serama similar like Malaysian style. Have a safe journey to Belgium.

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