Sri Nilai (Son of Sri Alam 01)

Updated picture of the Sri Alam's offspring via inbreeding
(1st Generation)

The above shown picture of "Sri Nilai" which was born for Sri Alam 01 v/s "Snake Head Female". Sri Alam was crossed with his own step sister and they were produced this little champ. Sri Nilai has perfect body posture, medium size neck, recommended height, good numbers of stick on his comb and of course same color as his dad and grand father. 90% of our offspring are in "Kubing" color as their ancestor originated from that color as well. Let's wait and see how he will turn out

Sri Nilai 01 terkini, Ini adalah anak pure pada Sri Alam dan cucu pada Putera Alam 01. Warna kubing full, aksesori tiptop, susunan balung macam batang mancis, warna kaki kuning ke hijauan dan cutting yang cukup puas hati untuk SN. Harap2 boleh siap secepat mungkin.