Miss Kubing 2014 (Induk Jet Serama Negeri)

Above shown our "Miss Kubing 2014" breeding female which was born in the fourth quarter of 2013 and both parents are from our SN mini farm which is "Putera Alam 05" and "Induk Tengkuk ular". She has good numbers of point on her comb and of course an attractive body posture as her mother. Recently she was paired with our legend "Putera Alam 05" again and now she is ready for the natural incubation. We believe that we can get some promising chicks via this inbreeding project 2014. Now she knows what to do and the more we leave her alone, the better. There's nothing best like watching the mother serama take her babies out to forage, or viewing their little heads poke out from between her wings, or watching them walk all over her back while she sits patiently, wings spread to shield and warm her serama babies. Hence the natural incubation ways are the best forever!

Ini adalah Induk kandang "Miss Kubing 2014" yang lahir untuk Putera Alam 05 v/s Ibu Tenguk Ular (Anak pada Induk Besi Buruk). Ia mempunyai balung yang cantik dan halus macam batang mancis dan juga cutting body dia sebiji macam ibu. Baru2 ini kami SN telah breed dia dengan Putera Alam 05 dan kini dia mengeram 6 biji telur. Harap kami akan dapat anak2 yang cantik melalui projek inbreeding 2014 yang batch ketiga ini. Walaubagaimanapun, ayam yang Mengeram secara semulajadi yang paling terbaik!