Have You Ever Seen Your Serama Doing THIS? They're Trying to Tell You Something

Many Serama owners love seeing their serama hen's first egg from their own hand-raised chicks and the feeling is even more wonderful than they had ever imagined it to be. A pullet's first egg is not always picture-perfect. It will ordinarily be quite small, but subsequence eggs will soon reach "ideal" size for Serama. The serama pullets on the top, with the reddish, smaller comb and wattles laid these tiny eggs a few days ago. As per our usual routine, I have unlocked the chicken coop and it's really strange today morning. They are trying to tell you something that "Please Do Not remove or disturb our nest boxes or eggs in the nest box" and their expression was priceless indeed. Sometimes, all these little things in life that make you happy. Have a great weekend to all my serama friends!