The Most Anticipated Serama Chick from our Kubing + Batek Bloodline (Serama 2016)

This little chick was produced covertly at our GSN mini farm in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. He descended from our own "Nature King" (Kubing Emas) bloodline. In addition to that, the Nature King's coloring is our all time favourite color and almost an addiction. Here's a little information about his lineage; He was born to our breeding pair (Golden Rooster v/s The Kubing Female - daughter of the Putera Alam 05) and bred by our GSN member "Dinend Sivali" in Nilai. He is the seventh generation (Batch 7.0) in a Nature King bloodline. 

Anak serama AA size ini adalah pembikinan di reban Serama Negeri Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Junior Kubing Emas ini adalah asal dari darah Kubing kami(Raja Alam v/s induk Kubing Batek). Bapanya anak tunggal Kubing Emas dan Ibu ialah Induk Kubing Batek. Ia dilahirkan di reban Nilai Serama Negeri dan di breedkan oleh saudara (Dinend Sivali). Warna dan design anak serama ini adalah sebiji macam bapa dia semasa kecil dan dominant oleh darah Kubing. Apa2 pun, kami team GSN berharap dia boleh berjasa untuk geng GSN.