Miss 46 (Daughther of the Nature King)

Above shown our "Miss 46" breeding female which was born in February 2013 and the both parents are from our SN mini farm which is Raja Alam and "Ibu Sri Alam @scrap Metal bloodline". She has a good numbers of stick on her comb and of course same color as her mother. Recently she was paired with our little boy "Putera Alam 05" and now she is on natural incubation. We believe that we can get some promising chicks via this inbreeding project.

Ini adalah Induk kandang "Miss 46" yang lahir untuk Raja Alam v/s Ibu Sri Alam (Besi Buruk). Ia mempunyai balung yang cantik dan halus macam batang mancis. Baru2 ini kami SN telah breed dia dengan Putera Alam 05 dan kini dia mengeram 5 biji telur. Harap kami akan dapat anak2 yang cantik melalui projek inbreeding ini.