5 Surprising benefits of having a Serama you didn’t know about

5 Surprising benefits of having a Serama you didn’t know about!!!

1. You’ll feel less stressed
There have been lots of researches that have shown how pets decrease stress levels. Petting your Serama, playing with your Serama and simply watching your serama’s pride walk can reduce your stress each day.

2. Your social life may improve
People are more likely to stop and talk with you when you are taking them to the park or vacation spot. It also provides several ways for you to meet new people in the neighbourhood, such as at the Serama show, the vet and the coffee shop. And, of course, seramas are always a great topic of conversation.

3. You will feel safer
Rooster (male serama) will crow at all time and in response to a range of seemingly not safe, like a sound of a vehicle at midnight (car, truck, bikes) or someone walking into their coop which in results increase your sense of security.

4. You’re less likely to feel depressed
The benefits of Serama ownership extend your mental health as well. Serama owners are less likely to be depressed and caring for a Serama helps relieve symptoms of depression and encourage people to be more positive.

5. You can make money part-time or full-time breeding Serama ($$$)
Select the right and quality serama is a must for beginners. Buy a pair of serama from trusted breeders / sellers and put it in shows to prove it. And then you can sell them if you get a good offer or reserve for breeding project. If you want to be a good Serama breeder and make good money, and have a great name for yourself that others will pass along for you, please ensure that you have done your internal Research & Development (R&D) before you breed. Good luck!