SERAMA: The fearless chicken that can be worth up to USD 10,000

Plucky, confident, and with a hint of bravado, the Serama originate in the Malaysian state of Kelantan.

The bird is a result of cross breeding of the Malaysian wild fowl and Japanese bantam. It first emerged decades ago as a decorative pet for Malaysia's state sultans before gaining a broader public following from the 1980s.

According to experts, there are about 250,000 Serama in Malaysia.

Bold bird: It is important for the prized Serama chicken to be able to dazzle judges with their display of confidence and good posture.

However, they are also popular in the United States and Europe where they have dedicated fan clubs.The tiny Serama are characterized by their upright posture, full breast and vertical tail feathers.

However, what they lack in stature they make up for in cockiness. In Malaysia they are described as brave warriors and archangel chickens, because of their very human like appearance.

However, they are the smallest breed of chicken in the world. Typically under 500g there are even smaller birds - at just under 250g - being bred in Malaysia.