Serama Health: Why sunlight is important for Ayam Serama

Place serama under the warmth of the sun often times just feels great for them. I trust you have heard that we get our Vitamin D from doing this as well. However do you know exactly how the process works?

  • Sunbathing is an important part of the general grooming process. It allows Serama chicken to keep their fur in good condition

  • It allows them to make Vitamin D naturally from Sunlight exposure to their body

  • Sunbathing is specially important during molting when serama sometimes feel itchy and uncomfortable as the new pin feathers break through the skin

  • All serama chickens adapt their own posture for sun bathing. Some stand and close their wings while others may lay flat on the sand or ground. In both cases, body feathers are often fluffed up and the feathers along the wings are spread out. Besides just soaking in the sun, these postures serve other important purposes.

  • Besides the healthy benefits that go with sunbathing, it is also hard not to admit that the behavior just looks awesome. It is not everyday that you get to see these seramas sitting still with wings stretched and their innocent look.