The Red Rooster's Offspring (Anak Tunggal GSN)

This is our special serama baby (Anak Tunggal) born in July 2016, He is an only child born with special features in GSN mini farm. He derived from Sri6 @ Sri Enam bloodline and fortunately he turn out "special color". Here's a little information about his lineage; He was born to our breeding pair (Red Rooster v/s Breeding pullet Project 05 - sister of the White tail pullet). He is the 3rd generation (Gen-3) in GSN's yellow serama bloodline.

 Ini gambar terkini Anak Tunggal Kuning ekor kelabu(cicit Pembaka 1K). Dia adalah anak kepada Pembaka Merah dan adik kepada junior white dragon & remaja ekor kelabu. Anak tunggal ini special sikit di reban GSN sebab warna dia. Walaupun Ibu Bapa dia full Kuning tapi warna dia paling rare sebab warna Gold (Emas). Kami berharap dia boleh jadi serama yang hebat seperti bapa dia pembaka merah. Kita tunggu stock serama Q3 2016!!